So you have some money set aside for retirement, but you’re not actually ready to retire. Sure, First Position Commercial Mortgage Notes and Structured Settlements offered by Campbell Financial sound great once you’re ready to relax, but you still want to work. Also, you’re tired of your job/boss/coworkers/the broken coffee maker at work/whatever, and now you’re thinking about doing your own thing. Start your own business selling decorated pinecones and campfire smelling car fresheners? Maybe you could franchise and sell someone else’s reusable pizza boxes? Or maybe your ideas are terrible and you need some help.

And that’s where most of us stop. We want to do our own thing and be our own boss, but a lack of knowledge and fear of losing everything puts us at a dead stop. So we go back to our old job, put up with our old boss, and hope today is the day someone brings in a new coffee maker.

I’ve got a better idea. Chris Johnson has been a friend of mine for over 10 years now and has his own business too; he helps people like you start their own businesses using a franchise model. You can head over to Liberty Franchise Solutions and read up on it for yourself, but I’ll give you the Cliff notes here.

I’m interested! But I have no idea what kind of business I’d want to franchise.

That’s fine. They’ve got huge lists of available franchise opportunities. They’ll get to know you and be able to give you an overwhelming number of suggestions. Want something more passive? Maybe vending machines are the way to go. Want to run a sales office? There are some businesses for that. Like the idea of a quaint little storefront? They’ve got some of that too. If you’ve got a┬ápassion for succeeding, they’ll find you something to be passionate about.

Yeah, but I’m kind of broke.

This might not be nearly as much of a hurdle as you imagine. There are grants, financial assistance programs, and many other methods of finding the funding you need to make your dreams into realities. This is something Chris specializes in. You can click this link to head over and get some more information.

What’s the franchise process?

  1. Call Chris and have a chat. You’ll get to know him, and he’ll get to know you. Chris wants to know what you’re interested in doing and what you want to own. You can tell him if you want to manage a large workforce, a small office, or manage nothing but yourself. And fair warning, he’ll ask you to estimate your credit score, net worth, and a few other pieces of financial information. It won’t be anything too intrusive, but he’s got to know what you’re qualified for.
  2. Chris will get back to you with what he thinks are the best 3 or 4 options for you. If you like what you see, he’ll help you dig deeper and obtain more detailed information on the opportunities. If you don’t like them, he’ll go back to finding options for you.
  3. When you find someone you like, Chris will get you in contact with the right people to start the paperwork process. He’ll be on your side and advocate for you through the process and make sure you’re getting all the information before signing your name to anything.
  4. Validation and Discovery. You know you’re going to get the sugar-coated, cherry-on-top, sales pitch from the franchiser. So at this point, you’re going to get names and phone numbers of people who currently own a franchise, and if possible, people who have left the franchise. Now you can find out from people who are actually doing what you’re considering. Christ can provide you some questions to ask, or you can do this part on your own. You’ll get to see the backend of their operation and see some of the day-to-day of owning a franchise.
  5. Accept and enjoy. Now you’ve got your own thing, and you’ve got the authority to make sure the coffee maker works.

If this has piqued your interest, you can head over to Liberty Franchise Solutions and see if being an entrepreneur is better than being an employee (believe me, it is).

And once you’ve made your money and you’re ready to retire, Campbell Financial can set you up with passive income so you can enjoy the fruits of all that hard work without the stress of worrying what crazy thing the markets might do next.


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