I just received this from one of my principles. This is a special offer so will not be listed like the rest of our Structured Settlements. If you’re interested, you can give us a call at 719-786-6220.

—Message Begins—

Attached is an interesting case we have to offer. We currently have 2 interested parties in this settlement but no solid commitments. This case has a short accrual period and not a lot of time value of money but can still provide a nice comp and payout for your client.

Comparable 5 year products and rates:

MYGA: 3.20% (interest only Withdrawal)
SPIA: 0.892%
Treasury: 1.74%
Gov Bond: 2.34%

Case Details:

  1. BP Oil Settlement payable to a corporation through a trust
  2. Funds are in a set aside account with no credit risk or company solvency risk
  3. Funds will be sent to an attorney IOLTA account
  4. Payments will be irrevocably assigned from current payee to new investor
  5. Trustee and attorney of the settlement will be available after the holiday for additional questions from our legal and potential investor/agent
  6. Seller/corporation is signed up with the factor and is looking to sell in a timely manner so case is a quick close

Projected closing date:  7/10/2017

Purchaser Price:  $3,701,923.99

 Payout: 3.500% annualized interest rate for 5 years.

Please let me know if you are interested as we expect for this case to close quickly.

—Message Ends—

Call for details and payout schedule (719) 687-6220.