Two quick notes for all our current and potential clients.

  • First, we’re back in referral season. If you refer a friend, colleague, or anyone else to a Woodbridge product, you’ll receive a $1,000 bonus. The rules are:

May not refer a spouse
Must be 18 years or older
May not be an existing customer
All relatives must have different addresses
Each referral is subject to review and approval

  • Second, Construction loans, which offer an extra percentage point on your return, are now 12-months deals instead of 18-month deals. So now you can get 8% annualized on your $200,000+ loan to our principals or 7% annualized on $50,000-$199,999.

Both of these offers expire on September 1, 2017. So if you’re interested, give us a call or have a friend call (just remind them to tell us you sent them).